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The dangers of too many spam complaints

Sending email to total strangers will lead in spam complaints. You should be very worried about the number of spam complaints you receive, because they have the ability to ruin your email marketing

  1. Your Reputation Is Tarnished.
    When people think your email is spam and your logo and business’s name appears in the email, they associate your business with those nasty spammers. If you were to send a bunch of postcards through the mail and nobody wanted them, people would just throw them away. But, if you were to send a bunch of emails through an Email Service Provider and nobody wanted them, people would hoot, holler, complain, and get enraged. Consumers really dislike spam.
  2. Your Emails Get Blocked or Filtered.
    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Yahoo!, Google and others are in business to deliver the emails their customers want, while keeping the emails they don’t want from getting to their inboxes. So they spend millions of dollars and countless resources trying to deliver good email while filtering and blocking the bad email. ISPs keep track of senders who get too many spam complaints by registering the domain name and IP address of the senders who receive the complaints. Don’t let it bother you—that is, unless you receive more than one spam complaint in every 1,000 emails. After that, you’ll start to see those complaints negatively impact your reputation with ISPs and ESPs. Once your reputation is tarnished, your email is more likely to be filtered or blocked by the ISPs.
  3. You Get Tossed from Email Service Providers.
    ESPs like Constant Contact send their customers’ emails from email servers owned by the ESP. In order to keep a good reputation with ISPs, ESPs need to help their customers keep their spam complaints low. Spam complaints directed at ESP customers are logged against the ESP, not the ESP’s customer. ESP customers who receive too many complaints and are unwilling to take measures to reduce the complaints are shut down to protect the rest of the ESP’s customers and their ability to deliver email to ISPs at the highest possible rate.
  4. Your Customers Won’t Come Back
    When someone complains that your email is spam, you’re probably going to lose a customer for one of two reasons. First, your email probably isn’t going to get delivered to that customer’s inbox again, so your customer won’t receive the newsletters, promotions, or event invitations you work so hard to create. Second, your customer isn’t likely to be impressed with your business. If you’re perceived as a spammer, you’re like an annoying menace instead of a trusted friend.